“Inside the Apple” by Yehuda Amichai


“Inside the Apple” by Yehuda Amichai
在苹果内部   阿米亥

You visit me inside the apple. 你到苹果内部拜访我
Together we can hear the knife  我们一起,小心翼翼地听刀声
paring around and around us, carefully,  一圈一圈围绕着我们
so the peel won’t tear.   生怕果皮断落

You speak to me. I trust your voice   你和我说话,我相信你的嗓音
because it has lumps of hard pain in it   因为它带着疼痛的伤疤
the way real honey 像纯蜂蜜
has lumps of wax from the honeycomb. 凝结成蜂巢里的蜜蜡

I touch your lips with my fingers:  我用手指触碰你的唇
that too is a prophetic gesture. 那是一个预言的姿势
And your lips are red, the way a burnt field  你的红唇,像一片燃焦的荒野
is black. 几近发黑
It’s all true. 一切都是真实的

You visit me inside the apple  你到苹果内部拜访我
and you’ll stay with me inside the apple  你始终和我一起待在苹果内部
until the knife finishes its work.  直到刀子干完它的活

Yehuda Amichai
trans. by duanqingqing

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